Thursday, December 4, 2008

What happened to Christmas?

OK I am aware that Christmas has been commercialized for sometime now. However I can't find wrapping paper anywhere that even remotely portrays Christ as the reason for Christmas. Ok there could be some out there for mucho dollars. Also while looking up Nativity lawn ornaments I was directed to a sight that claimed to be Christian and not ONE nativaty scene was listed on the page I found. Also what is with TV. While there is a few Christmas specials, I see whole themes directed around more halloween issues then Christmas. I saw my son watching all the "holiday' shows and started to feel that he was missing the point also. Sure enough when asked for what is Christmas about he could not answer. Yes I have told him at past christmas about the birth of our savior I just see him so emused in the comumercializem that he forgot the heart of the holiday. That really hurt my heart greatly. I need to bring the Christ back to Christmas in my home.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How did Thanksgiving go?

I just started and already I'm behind. I've been hesitating because uploading pictures takes time to do and I can just sit down and work on it in between teaching my son.

Thanksgiving went well. My mom surprised me. I've know most of my life that my mom's goal has been to get married early (well that might not have been the plan but hey when you find the love of your life you go for it right.) have her kids and then she and Dad could enjoy their retirement. So now they are flying ultra lights, going out to eat almost daily, calls a maid when she doesn't want to clean and works at a stain glass studio when she feels like it. So imagine my surprise when she busts open my OLD singer sewing machine to hem some curtains and toppers for my windows. We went down to Walmart and bought curtains. However I have french doors that needed some sheers with a pocket top and bottom. Also they didn't have toppers to match for the kitchen. So mom just makes some. She tried really hard not to curse at the machine. She said it was skipping stitches. I've never heard of such a thing. On top of that she cut the wrong part of the fabric twice but manage to salvage the situation the second time. She just made a pocket and sewed it on. Way to go Mom.
My sister and her family came also. All I had to do for my sister to be very happy was take her to the Shoe store by Walmart. It has several pair of wide size shoes and she was extatic. She's a teacher so standing in shoes that pinch, blister and sufficate her feet because that is all she can find is frustrating. We made my brother-in-law happy by giving him a monitor to hook up to a laptop who's monitor went on the fritz. (Don't ask how!) It was just a box sitting in my room waiting for me to find it a storage home. Now I don't have too, yea!

The kids did get into a little altercation. My son kicked hers in the uncomfortable place. At first I sicked my husband on his rear. After hearing that he did it because he thought they were going to hurt his brother we took the punishment down a notch. He was on the verge of really bad times. His cousins like to tease but I guess they'll have to learn when enough is enough.

How was the food? Every thing came out well even if a bit late. I ran of on a romp in the woods for a bit and should have put the bird in first. Oh well. We found an old Halloween set up complete with a graveyard. We were going to dig into one but were afraid of what we would have found. Also I saw were the dirt for my yard must have come. There was an area that was being stripped for something with all the tractors sitting around. Plus a very large cat like thing that has yet to be identified.
Well that should do it for now.