Thursday, December 4, 2008

What happened to Christmas?

OK I am aware that Christmas has been commercialized for sometime now. However I can't find wrapping paper anywhere that even remotely portrays Christ as the reason for Christmas. Ok there could be some out there for mucho dollars. Also while looking up Nativity lawn ornaments I was directed to a sight that claimed to be Christian and not ONE nativaty scene was listed on the page I found. Also what is with TV. While there is a few Christmas specials, I see whole themes directed around more halloween issues then Christmas. I saw my son watching all the "holiday' shows and started to feel that he was missing the point also. Sure enough when asked for what is Christmas about he could not answer. Yes I have told him at past christmas about the birth of our savior I just see him so emused in the comumercializem that he forgot the heart of the holiday. That really hurt my heart greatly. I need to bring the Christ back to Christmas in my home.

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Kristina said...

I hear ya for sure. I wrote about this on my facebook or my ning network or somewhere. I hate that Satan has put Santa as the competition to the Christ story and even Easter stinks because of the dumb Easter bunny. I have changed all the egg hunt stuff and little gifts to the first calender day of Spring...and we call it Spring Day. I give stuff that symbolizes the "birth" that's going on in the spring and we also do some of our planting/gardening that day/week. It is so much nicer to separate the worldly stuff from the spiritual meanings/celebrations. You should read my blog on Christmas at my Into the Deep goes in depth on the subject. Probably too in depth knowing me. I just get overly zealous about some things and overly analytical too. Anway, that's it for now I guess. Take care.