Saturday, September 5, 2009

How does this work again?

I had to ask another blogger for their blog title just to remember were mypage was again. I cringe reading my past post. They sound so funny reading them now. Oh well you can see my growth along with my sons as we learn together in homeschooling.

We have started a new year of school with Alex. I have started counting days as I mark them off this year instead of just using x's. It is nice to see the numbers getting closer to the magic 188. Also we can plan our vacations knowing we are ahead of the game. We almost finish a month of school already.

Wud is well past his 20 years in the military for retirement. We are just waiting out the recession for now. He does have classes to help us learn how to get ready to enter the civilian work force. I'm hoping we can figure out a way to get us out of this area. Soon hundreds to thousands of troops will be converging in this area due to the BRAC realignment. Also while watching TV about NC it is soon going to increase size by 50 percent. All that persents school challenges and potentially more taxes to sustain the need growth. After pondering all that and going were the military tells us over the years I'm hoping Wud and I will be able to make decisions based on were we want to go for the next phase of our life. Here's crossing my fingers for TX.
Well no real words of wisdom right now. To tell you the truth, I'm having a hard time in that area. We've been looking for a new church in our area and am very discourage not being able to find any that I feel are effective. Either they feed the adults and leave out the kids. Or snag you in with kids programs (well accually that is a disorganized mess sometimes as well )but have messages for the adult that have very little inspiration/power. I know my relationship with Christ is just that MY relationship but I miss the fellowship.

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kdlinpr said...

wow, didn't know NC was expecting an influx of ppl in such a large amount. Hmmm, some of them will prob. filter down to us. Well, I hope you all get your wish in going to TX..I guess you really liked it there huh? I like it here pretty much but once the kids are gone,I don't know where we'll go or if we'll stay.